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Power is essential to life and the backbone of the development of any country and directly also boosts development of other sectors of economy – agriculture, industry, infrastructure and services. To meet ever growing demands of power, AMPSCON provides end to end solutions in Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Rural Electrification.

Power Generation

  • Hydro Power Plant Micro to Medium Size (up to 150MW)
    • Civil works, hydro and electromechanical equipment, and power evacuation.
  • Thermal power plants
    • Diesel Engine power plants using Light Diesel Oil (LDO) or Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) for captive power to use in industries.
  • Solar and Wind Power plants
    • Solar PV projects - gird connected, off grid installations and solar lights.
    • Supply of wind power plants with best in class windmills of high reliability for consistent energy generation.

Transmission & Distribution

The company provides end-to-end solution ranging from designs, testing, procurement, erection, installation, and commissioning of power transmission lines.

Undertaking turnkey projects up to 400kV transmission lines and Distribution Substations, which includes:

  • Lattice Towers, Wooden & Steel Poles
  • Conductors, Earth Wire, OPGW, Glass & Porcelain Insulators, Line Hardware
  • OPGW and Earth Wire
  • Outdoor/Indoor Sub Stations
  • SCADA systems

Rural Electrification

Rural areas of poor countries are often at a disadvantage in terms of access to electricity. Rural electrification is the process of bringing electrical power to rural and remote areas. In many areas a local grid can be established using a local power source such as a Solar plant and Diesel Generator.

Components of a Rural Electrification are:

  • MV and LV lines with cables/conductors
  • Wooden, Concrete or Steel Poles
  • Pole mounted Transformers
  • Energy Meters & Service connections to Households

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